What is different about Fire House Baits from other soft plastic lure companies? 

Our company is ran by volunteer firefighters. We also do custom colors, any color that your imagination can come up with. Just contact us with what you are wanting and we will make your dream bait come true. 

How can I make a custom color? 

You can make a custom color with simply emailing us at firehousebaits@gmail.com or call us at 863-233-6115. We need to know what color of flake you want if any, approximately how much flake you want, what your bait may want to represent,What color you want your plastic to be, and what bait you want your color in and quantity. 

Is there any bulk order deals? 

Yes there is if you order over 6 bags of one color we will make a bulk order just contact us.

How can I contact you?

View our contact us page.

When can I expect my bait to be shipped/delievered?

As soon as we get the order and payment we will start on your order you can expect at least 1-2 days depending how big your orders and what we are creating.